Mitchell Community Development Coordinator sued by State

by Staff on November 11, 2006

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According to this press release, Attorney General Steve Carter has filed a lawsuit against Jennifer Ruzicka (hi Jennifer!), the Community Development Coordinator for the City of Mitchell.

From the press release, the A.G. is “seeking refunds for 70 consumers who purchased gift cards but were unable to redeem them after the spa went out of business.”

“The business continued to sell gift cards to be used for future salon and spa services after being served with an eviction notice and after the owner had filed for bankruptcy,” said Attorney General Steve Carter.

Jennifer previously posted to this site, saying “I was neither born or raised in Mitchell but have spent the better part of my career helping Mitchell raise and complete nearly 15 million dollars in community projects.”

I wonder if she came to Mitchell because she was ran off from Columbus for selling all those worthless gift cards? Let’s hope that she doesn’t try to raise money for Mitchell in the same way.

By the way, Jennifer… I have trouble understanding “the better part of my career” when, according to the documents I received from the Clerk-Treasurer, you only began working for the City of Mitchell less than two years ago. “Officially”, you’re not even an employee (though they did make you full-time and bump your salary from $25,000 to $35,000 earlier this year). I guess you might need that, if they decide you have to pay back that $8,810, huh?

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