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by Staff on November 8, 2006 · 1 comment

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Monday evening I had a notice in my P.O. box stating that I had a certified letter from the City of Mitchell. It was picked up yesterday. There’s a total of 86 pages, including Clerk-Treasurer Kern‘s two-page response. =)

I’ll post some of the information a bit later, but one thing has been nagging at me since the September 18th budget meeting at City Hall. As you may recall, the City was facing an $86,000 shortfall and was looking at ways to trim the city’s budget.

According to the Bedford Times-Mail’s coverage of the budget meeting, Council Member Dwight Moore asked Clerk-Treasurer Mark Kern, “What about the city-owned vehicles used for personal use?”. That question has been stuck in my head since. I was curious just how much of our tax money goes to paying for personal use of City-owned vehicles, so in my IAPRA request to Mark Kern, I specifically requested, among other things, “documents detailing expenses, either itemized or aggregate totals, incurred from the ‘personal use’ of City-owned vehicles”.

In Clerk-Treasurer Kern’s response to me, he states: “Request four: I have no records for personal use of the city owned vehicles. They are supposed to be used for city business. No one has turned into this office documents you requested under Request No. 4.”

How then, Mr. Kern, could you tell the City Council on the September 18th budget meeting that the personal use of city vehicles wasn’t a cost that affected the budget?

Chief Hardman has no record of this, you have no record of this, apparently *NO ONE* has any records of what the personal use of city vehicles is costing the citizens of Mitchell. How the hell can you say, then, that the costs aren’t affecting the budget?

Anyways, more to come as I go through the records provided to me by the City.

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