City Council Bans Kids From Having Fun

by Staff on December 5, 2006 · 5 comments

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According to an article headlined “Vandals spark complaints; Council bans skateboards” in today’s Bedford Times-Mail, the Mitchell City Council last night unanimously voted to amend the existing ordinance which bans bicycle traffic to also ban skateboarding. Fines can be imposed for the kids who choose to hang out uptown instead of hiding around town and participating in illegal activity such as drug use and vandalism.

According to the Times-Mail’s article, “The penalty for skateboarding or riding a bicycle on the sidewalks is $5 and the confiscation of the bike, scooter or skateboard. That rule is effective immediately”, said Byron Steele, the City’s attorney. A dispatcher who answered the telephone at City Hall responded “It’s usually about five days” when I asked how long of a confiscation we were talking about.

I’m real tempted to stop at the bank, have ‘em change a $100 bill into $5’s and go stand uptown and offer to pay the fine for any kid who wants to make a statement to our stupid ass lawmakers and continue skateboarding uptown (of course, they’d lose their skateboard for five days). Everett Ferrell, a city councilman and owner of the “Furniture World” store on the northeast corner of 7th and Main proposed the amendment to the existing ordinance. Yeah, there’s no business interest in that one, is there!? Why should he care about the kids? They’re not coming in and spending their hard earned money on his shitty ass merchandise, are they? Evidently he thinks that their presence is keeping potential customers from doing so, however.

Alright, listen up.

I know some of you “leaders” are reading this site. Don’t you understand that if these kids are hanging out uptown causing no physical damage then the kids, as well as the rest of the City’s citizens, are much better off!? The alternative is to do just what you’ve done. Create — or in this case, amend — an ordinance that now makes it illegal for the kids to engage in a victimless crime. Now, they can’t even play on their skateboards. Three and a half months ago, I wrote “if there’s nothing constructive to do, it stands to reason that the kids will find something destructive to do.

Unanimous members of the Mitchell City Council, you’ve just given the kids of this town another reason to find something destructive to do.

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