Tevin and Bill Gone, MPD Accepting Applications

by Staff on December 5, 2006 · 12 comments

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Earlier today I wrote a post entitled “What Happened To Tevin?” and I’ve heard something (but not much) already.

One message I got said, “All i know is that he was suspended…..and then he resigned before they fired ‘em…But Bill got fired too but that was because he failed his PT test….he didn’t do his sit-ups in enough time.”

“Bill” is referring to Bill New, as I understand it, who was also an officer with the MPD.

I guess that explains what Mayor Chastain was talking about when he apparently told Krystal Slaten at the Bedford Times-Mail that the City was down to six police officers from the budgeted eight.

Indeed, the Mitchell Police Department web site states: “Mitchell Police Department now accepting applications”.

The Mitchell Police Department presently has an opening for a police officer position. Applicants must be 21 years of age but not have reached 36 years of age, must be able to pass the state baseline physical and mental exams, must be a high school graduate, and must be able to pass the academy fitness standards to be considered. You may pick up an application or feel free to download one and print it out.

Check out this post for an idea of what you’d be making… personally, they couldn’t pay me enough to have to work with Phelix.

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