"Flex is a bitch"

by Staff on January 18, 2007 · 2 comments

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First of all, let me apologize. I was wrong. A few months ago, I wrote about Phelix’s police car getting spray-painted.

In that post, I mentioned that a person or persons had spray-painted “bitch” onto his police car.

I’ve been corrected. Apparently what was really spray-painted onto the car — along with a few other things — was “Flex is a bitch”. I guess “Flex” is Phelix’s nickname, presumably because his 350 pound self thinks he’s a badass. It’s still funny, regardless.

Unfortunately, the kid involved was stupid and got caught. Shame, shame. With something like this, you should’ve known that “Flex” would go out of his way to catch you. I mean, I haven’t even spray-painted his car and he’s out to get me.

Sly Dog
Sly Dog

Now that is funny..."I didn't even paint his car and he's after me"  He cost me alot of money and Butch would just let him harrass anyone without the EXTRA money to fight in court..So alot of people just TOOK the charges that he made up..Sorry but He really was a BAD cop and when I tried to file a complaint He and Blair wanted to Take the complaint,then I entered the room with them and they had drawings of my uncle Tom making fun of him(X-state police) and I am sure they NEVER filed my complaint. Good cops are far and few anymore.


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