Mayor Chastain Files for Re-election

by Staff on January 27, 2007 · 9 comments

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Mayor Chastain showed up at the Courthouse early Wednesday to begin the process of running for re-election. I don’t really feel like copying large parts of the article, so you can read more about it in the article in the Times-Mail.

I think I speak for a great number of people when I say that we need a new mayor in Mitchell. On a personal level, I like Mayor Chastain. I believe that he is an honest, hard-working guy that really wants to see good things for Mitchell. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that he has the ability to make this happen. We’ve heard about this Hamilton Boulevard project for a number of years, and still have nothing to show for it. Mayor Chastain is “betting the house” on the success of this project. He seems to think that this one project is somehow going to transform Mitchell from the piece of shit it currently is (economic-wise) into some “economic-rich” powerhouse.

That said, I voted for Mayor Chastain last election. I believe in him as an individual and thought that perhaps he could turn this city around. After nearly eight years of him being in office, I think it’s clear that that’s just not going to happen.

And I’m not the only one. I’ve talked to and heard from a number of you who share my thoughts. The police officers that I’ve talked to agree as well. They think there needs to be change in Mitchell, and it needs to start at the top. It’s hard to have faith in someone when his own employees don’t.

I can’t wait to see who else files to run for Mayor. Perhaps I should, that would sure piss some people off. =)

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