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Lately, more and more of you have been posting comments to the site, as well as sending me e-mails personally. I thought I’d go through and post a few to the front page here, so as to make sure that everyone sees them.

I also received an e-mail from an individual last night who stated that he/she wanted to ask or tell me something, but wanted assurance that it would be kept private. My stance on that is this: If you post a comment, it’s going on the site automatically, so don’t post anything in a comment you don’t want to show up. If you want to e-mail me personally, I *MAY* post to the site what you send to me. If you tell me not to, however, I will *NOT* reveal your identity. Ever.

I firmly believe that the only way to get the citizens of Mitchell to say what they *really* think is to allow them to do so in a completely anonymous and confidential manner. If I made people identity themselves, less people would share their true thoughts. The people of Mitchell are scared to speak up because, if they do so, they have to fear reprise and retribution from the police and leaders of this town. I know this for a fact because one of the Mitchell Police was trying to get me fired from my job — and that’s a fact, not an accusation. That’s bullshit.

So, great people of Mitchell, continue posting your comments and sharing your thoughts. The more information that’s shared, the more informed we will all be. Here’s some of your comments…

Reader Comments

The reason Fish left the department was because he had a drug problem (XANAX). The department heads knew about it so they drug tested him. Fish checked himself into drug rehab. NEW had a drug problem too, that’s why he didn’t pass his Sit – ups. If you want to stir the shit pot, start asking questions as to why Mitchell needs to keep spending money for a “Computer Examiner”. Does Mitchell have that many computer crimes to justify it’s cause. Mr. Hardman will hate you for that and probably send out his goons for you so watch your back!

Keep up the good work!!!!

Fish? Xanax? No way! Haha, I’m joking. I believe that 100%! I’ve often wondered about Chief Hardman’s “Computer Examiner” certification and why he needs this. According to the “Mitchell Indiana Police Department Officers Information” page, “Chief Hardman has extensive training in computer forensics and is a certified computer examiner.”

And how many times have you used that knowledge in a case in Mitchell, Chief Hardman? Probably the most likely case in our area that would require a forensic examination would probably be something along the lines of child pornography, in which case I would hope that “more qualified” persons would be called in. By the way, I use Encase on a regular basis. It rocks.

If you think the Police is bad, it’s because it boils down to the leadership! How about “Volunteer Fireman” who get paid an allowance (most of them get thousands) and then on top of that use city vehicles to respond while off duty. Then they are using the city’s gas for those calls and then getting reimbursed for burning gas. But what if it’s the city’s gas? Should they still get paid the $15 for gas to put in their own pocket? That’s ghost employment and it seems it’s only legal in the city of Mitchell.

Does the city need to spend $$ for the Cheif of Police to pick up his own kid from school. I guess we’re paying twice there. One for the boy to ride a bus home and the other for his daddy to pick him up from school. If I was a leader, I wouldn’t be letting personel that advantage of our taxs dollars. The next election just can’t get he fast enough.
“E.T. for MAYER 2008″

Lots of good points, there, but who is E.T.? If you’re running for Mayor in the next election, let us know! I think I speak for most of us when I say that a change in leadership in definitely needed!

Something else, you really want to get back at fat ass Hardman? Ask him about the terrible deed he committed while in college. While his grandmother was still alive he did something that made her ashamed of him. He was kicked out of college! Or how about the time was was arrested for giving kids alcohol? Do we need this kind of person leading a Police Departemnt? This shows how incompentent Mayor Chastain is! If this is the type of person that Butch leads then the City is destined for hell! Speaking of the City, why not let it go back to being a “Town” Mitchell’s not big enough to support the salery of a Mayor! Let Mitchell be a town like Orleans or Paoli (which seems to do better than Mitchell). Chastain and Kern are hoping to ride the coat tails of the Casino to help Mitchell out.

To be honest, I don’t really have much against Hardman. In my own experiences — which may well be different than those of everyone else — I have usually found him to be a respectable person that does not attempt to belittle or harass like some of the other officers do.

NO ACTION TAKEN , Mayor’s son-in-law was along for the ride so therefor no punishment was handed out!

This was in response to the January 8, 2005, incident where Detective Phelix drove a police car into high water on the bridge over Mill Creek behind Spring Mill (Times-Mail article about the incident here).

What’s really funny is the teen who broke into the shit hole card board pizza that serve’s “sanitation pie” is the step-son of a Mitchell Police Dispatcher. Just goes to show that even their kids are dumb too! Guess the apple didn’t fall to far there. He’s not the only one that works there with a “dumb” kid!, seems one of the officers has one too.

Oh, really? The kid was Jeffrey Johnson. Who is his step-father? (Larry Tyler comes to mind, for some reason.) That’s funny, goes to show that no matter how much “better” they (police/dispatchers) think they are, they’re just like everyone else. And who’s the other officer with a “dumb” kid?

You should call Mitchell Police Dept and ask them why during the election time they have put a cap on the number of tickets the dept can write to ten! Seems they are doing everything they can to Keep that fat slobs in office. Why don’t they keep the 10 ticket cap all the time instead of just election time? Seems they have to keep fat blair under control or he’ll cost Butch the election.

I’m not sure I understand this one. This year’s election did not include the race for Mayor. Mayor Chastain will hold the office to the next two years. I could definitely see them doing something like that in an election year, though. Let me know if I missed something here…

Dude you are freakin awsome. thats so dumb about the ticket for skateboarding on the sidewalks. im glad that you have that article on your website. Now we have to skate at that shitty thing they call a skatepark. me and my friend just got in trouble by a cop to day for sitting on our skateboards. He said next time he sees us up there he will give us a ticket. Theres no where but town to skate in Mitchell but the city, and we don’t even vandilies anything. well if you get this get back to me.

Thanks! I agree that the updated ordinance that prohibits skateboarding downtown is completely fuckin’ stupid — I already made my thoughts on that known. The “skate park” behind City Hall is a joke. I really feel sorry for you kids in Mitchell these days. They don’t want you to drink or do drugs or fuck, but they don’t give you a choice — there’s nothing else for you to do. Oh wait, it was like that when I was a kid too — now that’s fuckin’ progress!

I been so tempted to go out and buy a skateboard and ride it up and down Main Street just to make a point. I’ll gladly let them take it from me when they arrive, then I’ll wait five days, pay them five dollars, pick up my skateboard and do it again. Fuckin’ idiots.

i have a serious question. i can’t ask it on your site but can you assure me that whatever i we talk about is private

Absolutely, see my comments above about keeping things confidential.

Well, that’s all for now. Please keep your comments and e-mails coming! Under each article, there is a link to post a comment directly to the site. It will say “Leave a comment” if no one else has commented on that article, or “x Comments” if others already have. Just click that link to leave a comment. If you don’t want to post it for the world to see, but want to send it to me directly, just shoot me an e-mail to Hope to hear from you soon!

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