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by Staff on February 8, 2007 · 38 comments

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I was browsing around the Mitchell Times Online site looking for something and found a couple of quotes I just had to respond to.

Going back to a column written in August, Krystal Slaten (Hi, Krystal) was talking about researching people she knows on the Internet and ended by saying “…I’d just as soon take a stroll through the downtown to find out what the community … is up to.”

That seems quite ironic, considering the “community” isn’t up to anything. Downtown is dead. There are numerous places for sale, the owners wanting to flee town, to no avail. The kids aren’t allowed to hang out there anymore without the business owners running them off (I will never set foot into Furniture World again, Mr. Ferrell, nor will many of my readers).

The “community” is dead, in effect.

When I was a teenager, we were permitted to “hang out” downtown. Whether is was 3pm or 3am didn’t really matter; the Police allowed us to congregate as long as we weren’t causing trouble. Boy, that shit’s changed.

In another article, written by Michele Super in December, she spoke of changes (ironically). Mostly she was referring to elementary school and children having “blue drills” to prepare them on what to do if someone were to come into school with a gun. I want to quote a whole paragraph she wrote, however:

Look forward, Mitchell, with great anticipation. The future of our community is before us and lies in the decisions we make. Get involved. Become the voice of your community to make sure we are electing the right officials, appointing the right chief of police, electing the school board officials that will make decisions based on what we feel is in the best interest of our community.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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