An Offer To The City

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For some reason, I somehow doubt that, even when presented with an opportunity that will save the City real dollars, the Mayor will pass it up.

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From: Gaddis, Jeremy L.
Sent: Sun 3/18/2007 1:46 AM
Subject: An Offer To The City

Mayor Chastain,

I just read with interest Krystal Slaten’s article in the Bedford
Times-Mail entitled “New Mitchell water department office”. The
article reads, in part:

‘And early plans, according to Mayor Morris “Butch” Chastain, are to
move the water department in as soon as a computer system can be
installed at the downtown location.’

I own a company that operates out of Bloomington. I am willing to
offer — at no cost — my company’s services to the City of Mitchell
in assisting with this migration. The only stipulation is that I be
permitted to perform this work outside of normal business hours,
during evenings or over the course of a weekend due to other

I am making this offer in an attempt to save the City of Mitchell from
hiring an outside organization and absorbing additional costs
associated with the move to the downtown location.

I have provided services to organizations including public libraries,
educational institutions, financial institutions, and am frequently
hired by other information technology firms to subcontract jobs on
their behalf. As a testament to my skills and abilities, I hold
numerous industry recognized certifications. As to any questions
regarding ethics, I can provide you with the names of persons who can
eliminate any doubts you may have.

What you have, Mayor Chastain, is an offer in front of you that will
directly save the City of Mitchell money. I encourage you to strongly
consider it.


Jeremy L. Gaddis, MCP, GCWN
LinuxWiz Consulting

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