Barry Duncan, Republican Candidate for Mayor

by Staff on March 14, 2007 · 78 comments

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And now I’ll pick on Barry Duncan, the last of the Republican candidates for mayor…

Once again, I’m quoting from one of Krystal Slaten’s articles in the Times-Mail.

“I feel like this election is about the people of Mitchell,” Duncan said. “In the past, the candidates would come in and promise everything for a vote. … I just want to know what we can do, as a community, not what I can do by myself. It’s not about me; it’s about the community.”

Of course it’s about the people, Mr. Duncan. Who else would it be about? Anyways, you want to know what you can do? Take a look around this site, for starters. There are a multitude of suggestions provided by both readers of this site and myself.

Duncan, a Republican, said the city’s cable contract with Charter Communications, the disrepair of the sidewalks and roads and the lack of good-paying jobs are just a few of the things he’s interested in tackling.

This is (somewhat) encouraging. I highly recommend the city look into revamping its contract with Charter Communications. Charter, in my opinion, provides below par services at exorbitant rates. I’m further aggravated by the fact that the City receives only $1 per customer from Charter. The City Council, which has been mulling over this very topic recently (without any action, of course), should look at how the City of Bloomington and Insight Communications work together, as well as how much they receive from Insight (hint: it’s more than $1 per customer per annum).

The messed up sidewalks? Yeah, they’re old, ugly, and dangerous, just like they have been every time this topic has been brought up. Can we fix them now?

“Jobs for Mitchell should be a priority,” Duncan said, “for whomever is elected. … I think Mitchell can be competitive in attracting quality jobs.”

Really? I don’t. Mitchell doesn’t have the infrastructure to support quality industry, nor do we have anything to attract them here. Why do you believe “Mitchell can be competitive in attracting quality jobs”?

“One of my political heroes is (former Mitchell mayor and local businessman) Jerry Hancock. He’s a big inspiration to me because he always put the people of Mitchell first.”


Are you f**kin’ shittin’ me?

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