Bedford Plane Crash

by Staff on March 5, 2007

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This isn’t exactly related to Mitchell, but I’m curious, and I just sent the following to Diana Wires of the Bedford Times-Mail:

Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 18:26:31 -0500 (EST)
From: Gaddis, Jeremy L.
Subject: Plane Crash

Hi Diana,

According to your article, Steve Cummings is identified as the Airport
Manager. The aircraft is registered to a Stacey Cummings of RR 18 Box
566, Bedford.

According to the H-T, the plane was owned by Indiana Aircraft Service
which operates out of the Bedford airport.

What’s the relationship between Steve Cummings and Stacey Cummings?
Is this merely a coincidence or did Steve not want to comment because
he somehow has ownership in the plane?


Jeremy L. Gaddis
Webmaster, Mitchell News

Anyone know about this?

UPDATE #1: I’ve been told the call number on the plane is N66513, which allowed me to get the registration information from the Federal Aviation Administration.

UPDATE #2: Now I’m hearing reports that this may have been a “suicide mission”. Interesting…

UPDATE #3: Steve Cummings, mentioned in the original articles as the airport manager, is apparently also the contact person for Indiana Aircraft Service, as identifed on this web page (scroll down to the bottom). If the pilot was just a student, he should’ve never been allowed to fly this plane with a passenger. Liability, anyone?

UPDATE #4: The Indianapolis Star is now reporting that it was 47-year-old Eric Johnson of Connersvile and his 8-year-old daughter Emily in the plane crash (which the ISP said was intentional).

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