Billy Carlisle, Republican Candidate for Mayor

by Staff on March 14, 2007

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Billy Carlisle is the second mayoral candidate I’ll be ragging on. =)

According to Krystal Slaten’s Times-Mail article about Mr. Carlisle, “Carlisle said he would like to see the community band together to make a difference in the city. He believes with talented volunteers and good city employees in place, there could be more programs to increase the quality of life for the residents of Mitchell.”

I absolutely believe this 100% and I think getting people involved is what it’s going to take to get anything accomplished around Mitchell. I think that’s even evident with this web site. What started out as a place to bitch and complain has grown into a site that (according to the statistics), a great deal of people are interested in.

As I mentioned months ago, I’m prepared to devote some of my own time, energy, and money into improving the City of Mitchell if I honestly believe it will help. Get a handful of people like me together, and there’s a lot of things we can get accomplished.

“I think our heyday is over as far as industries. I think we should start looking at small businesses and what incentives the city can offer those who are willing to start small businesses. Think about a shoe store, for example. There isn’t any place to even buy a pair of shoes in Mitchell. We have world of people with a lot of expertise out there who have the ability to start those businesses. This, too, could revitalize Main Street.”

Once again, I have to agree. Hamilton Boulevard? Yeah, right. I think that project was a lost cause before it ever started. The money is in the bank now, however, so I’m sure we’ll blow it all trying to get somebody to move in there. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses 1) provide approximately 75% of the net new jobs added to the economy, and 2) represent 99.7% of all employers.

On a side note, I recently drove down Main Street, through the area from the Library to Jack’s and noticed no less than four places up for sale. Personally, I’d like to see us get rid of some of the damn antique shops and get some real stores in there. It’s hard to get people downtown to appreciate the city, when the only ones interested in the goods are, arguably, those in the higher age brackets.

“There are a lot of things we can do if you have someone to organize them that knows about that stuff. … And I’d like to see those programs include the police, who could be out there getting to know the kids and maybe that would help reduce crime.”

Indeed, Mr. Carlisle, there are. We need that “someone” in Mitchell. Can we trust you to facilitate the hiring or appointment of that person? As far as the police being “out there getting to know the kids”, well, that’s already happening. Detective Flex is out there everyday at lunch time, and former officer Fish was getting to know them as well; hell, he even bought the cute ones alcohol and got ‘em drunk!

As for reducing crime, give the kids something constructive to do and creative ways to spend their energy and they won’t have to find their own (destructive) ways to do it.

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