Chief Deputy Tony Siedl, Drunk Driver

by Staff on March 14, 2007 · 18 comments

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A few moments ago, I was reading a story in the Times-Mail about an 18-year-old Mitchell kid driving like an idiot through Mitchell, while the Lawrence County Police were chasing him.

That’s good enough to earn him a spot here on the web site, but what caught my attention was the last paragraph:

England was assisted at the scene by LCPD Officer Tim Butcher, Detective Mike Branham, Capt. Jerome Hettle, Chief Deputy Tony Siedl and Mitchell Police Department Assistant Chief Troy Lobosky.

Chief Deputy Tony Siedl? I know that name, but where from?

Oh, yes, that’s it. Tony Siedl is from Bedford and he’s a former FBI agent. Not just *any* FBI agent, however.

Lawrence County Chief Deputy Tony Siedl, whom Sheriff Sam Craig appointed during his first day in office, is the former FBI agent who was drunk on his way home from former FBI agent Gary Dunn’s retirement party in January 2003 and crashed his government-owned vehicle on Highway 446.

Siedl had left Terry’s banquet hall, behind the old Ivy Tech campus, on Canterbury Court, drove over to the east side of Bloomington and made it all the way past the causeway of Lake Monroe before his drunk ass (0.13 blood alcohol content) managed to crash into guardrails on both sides of the highway.

It took until August 2003 before charges were even filed. In April 2004, Siedl “pleaded guilty to a less serious misdemeanor charge”. He got six months of probation out of the deal. The FBI, however, refused to comment on any internal disciplinary actions that may (or may not) have been taken.

Just goes to show that while we all know there are certain officers on the Mitchell Police Department who aren’t on the up and up, the new Sheriff Sam Craig has no problems hiring one of ‘em to be his Chief Deputy.

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