"…they have now contacted a lawyer…"

by Staff on March 30, 2007 · 50 comments

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Well, apparently somebody wasn’t too happy about the little comment I made yesterday about Don Goldsberry’s daughter.

Today, I received an e-mail that read:

“I am friends with ***REMOVED*** who informed me that after reading the comment you post about her that they have now contacted a lawyer in case the situation goes any further. I do not know how far they will take it but i figured you may appreciate the heads up.”

Somebody apparently is of the belief that exercising one’s first amendment right is now a violation of some law.

Fortunately for me (that’s a joke, by the way), I don’t have to post any pictures of City Council candidate and former police officer Don Goldsberry’s daughter, Caitlyn, as somebody else has already done it for me.

It seems that some pictures of 19-year-old Caitlyn Goldsberry drinking have already made their way to the web. Guess they’ll have to sue somebody else now! I got a laugh out of the one where she’s doing a shot from a shot glass that says “Will Swallow For Sex“. Way to make daddy proud!

By the way, any legal documents concerning me or this site should be sent to my attention at PO Box 125, Bloomington, Indiana, 47402. That way I can read them first before passing them along to my attorney. Thanks!

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