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by Staff on April 2, 2007 · 51 comments

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One of our readers posted this comment a few moments ago. It’s too good to not repost here. I want to make sure everyone sees it:

I, too, am concerned about the fact that our young people in Mitchell have so little to do. I have completely given up on the fact that the current administration will do anything to help our teens and young people…that is except to pour more money into the Police Department to police the young. The following is an excerpt from the Times-Mail news release dated Feb. 8, 2005 and in the words of Mayor Chastain:

(Having the police department in the downtown, Chastain said, would offer more security for the merchants, provide a police presence during the Persimmon Festival and possibly eliminate the amount of juveniles who congregate in the area.)

What ever happened to “an ounce of prevention?” Last June there was talk about buying the Crawford Morris building to put in a Youth Center for our young people. Why have we not heard any more about these plans? Apparently, it was just more “rambling.” The building now houses a new business. I suspect that the administration is more concerned with pouring money into the new police station.

We have paid for studies and heard numerous people voice their concerns for the youth, but nothing has happened. Perhaps, we have an administration that is so “into its own comfort zone” that the problems facing our teens today are not important.

I am a grandmother who can feel the uncertainty that many of our people are facing. Their world is much different that the ones that our older citizens faced. Drugs and alcohol are not the exception…they are the norm. Although we have very little business in town, we can boast three liquor stores, both groceries and the drug store sell alcoholic beverages and our neighborhoods are full of drugs.

We can continue to ignore the problems of the young and allow the courts to be filled with juvenile offenders…or we can elect new leadership that will recognize that the youth of our community is our future. Those who have criminal records will be lucky to make it out and those who do not have will not want to stay.

Thank you, very well said.

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