Citizens of Mitchell, Prove Me Wrong…

by Staff on May 4, 2007 · 71 comments

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Anonymous posted a comment a bit ago that I agree with. In the final paragraph, he or she says:

EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE ON THE SAME PAGE WHEN VOTING FOR THE DEMOCRATS. What Butch is hoping for is the he’ll get more votes than the other two running against him. But if we all vote for Jason then we can shove Butch out of the way early!!!! We know we need to get rid of RANDY PHELIX, this will be the easiest way to do it!

While I agree that (at least the first part of) this is true and wish that it would, it’s just not going to happen… (how is voting for Jason going to get rid of Defective Flex, by the way?)

Danny Terrell has the Republican ticket wrapped up, simple as that. While I wish that Jason Delaney or James Brown could win the Dem’s nod, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Butch will win the primary for the Dems, and then the citizens of Mitchell will have to choose between Danny Terrell and Butch Chastain in November.

I’ll be out of town when the elections take place (leaving for San Diego Saturday morning), but I’ll be following the results Tuesday evening to see what happens.

Now, in the words of Monty Hall, let’s make a deal…

If Butch Chastain DOES NOT win the Democrat’s nod for the fall, I will personally donate five hundred dollars ($500) to a Mitchell organization chosen by the readers of this site… perhaps it will be for the July fireworks display, maybe the local Boy Scout/Girl Scout troops, whatever. If this happens, I’ll come up with a list of organizations and allow you to cast your vote for who the money should go to.

Mayor Chastain will win the Democratic nomination for the November election. Prove me wrong and I’ll give up $500.

Go out and vote this coming Tuesday. The citizens of Mitchell are depending on you.

UPDATE: Anyone else want to contribute or match me? =)

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