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I want to apologize for taking so long to post everyone’s comments today. I’ve been at Sea World and Pacific Beach!

Anyways, the comments have been posted and I’m “reposting” one of them here on the front page. I’d credit the original poster, except that it was posted anonymously. On a side note, if you have anything to say prior to the election, please do it by noon (Indiana time) on Tuesday. I’m not sure I’ll be around to approve any comments posted after that before the polls close.

Anyways, here’s the report of the comment entitled “Election Focus“:

Lets all remember that who ever we vote for we need to make sure it’s not Butch Chastain. He has let the corruption go on way to long! Here are some of the examples that I have read about on here. Please keep them in mind and be sure to tell all your freinds and family members about them.

1.) Self Proclaimed Detective Randy Phelix and Chief Mike Hardman was over heard talking about killing Danny Terrell during the last election. (swept under the carpet).

2.) Mayor Chastain hired a child molester to to run the city pool, a place where lots of children hang out. (swept under the carpet).

3.) Mayor Chastain raises our water rates (which are probably the highest in Indiana) Look at the over spending, how much has your water bill increased so that the water department and the police department can share the same building on Main St. The only reason the water department is moving there is because they now have YOUR money and the police department didn’t have the funds to pay for it. Kind of a screwy way to get the police department up there. They could have found another way to do it beside raising our water rates.

4.) Dispatcher and Coucilman Joey Slone fires a loaded gun in the Police Department’s squad room causing damage to city property and goes unpunished. (another incident that was swept under the carpet)

5.) Mitchell Fire department is more worried about fish fries and fireworks then saving peoples life. The Mitchell Fire Department is in need of a major overhaul, Mayor Chastain will not do anything about even after a young woman lost her life in a tragic fire earlier this year. She lived less than three blocks from BOTH fire departments. The city wants to have 8 full time Police Officers and NO FULL TIME firemen to keep the citizens safe and the insurance rates down.
(which would lower our property insurance).

6.) LOOK at all the jobs that have left town. What happened to Pamida and Dana.

7.) LOOK at all the people who are leaving town!

8.) Chief Hardman had been arrested for furnishing alcohol to a minor.

9.) Why do we need so many police cars?

10.) Why is nothing done about Jerry Herald and Barry Watson just driving around town in a city truck doing NOTHING.

11.) Why did Bill Watson wreck a city truck in BEDFORD. Was he punished? Nope, swept under the carpet.

12.) Officer Blare beats a man in a church parking lot and uses Phelix’s nam to get away with it when it was being investigated by Det. Wigley.

13.) Mayor Chastain told us the first time when he ran for Mayor that he would ONLY stay in office for two terms if elected. Now he is over powered by greed and wants a third time at it.

14.) Officer Randy Phelix was never properly hired by the Police Department. He just showed up one day to because Hancock said to let him work. No interview, No drug test, No Polygraph, just an Officer who would later give himself the title as Detective. Chastain did not object to this hiring process.

15.) While he served as Chief of Police and as Mayor he allowed officers of the Mitchell Police department to go out at night and shoot peoples animals with the silenced .22 cal rifle to control the loose pets that were running around.

16.) Dispatcher Tim Merry hung up on a lady that called 911 requesting the Police because she thought her boyfriend was going to hurt her and he never told the police about the call. She died a few hours later from a gunshot wound to the mouth. Tim Merry’s punishment instead of being fired was being transferred to the City Street Department. What kind of punishment is that? The lady is dead, that was Mayor Chastain’s way of punishment, Chief Hardman didn’t even suspend him for it. (swept under the carpet)

I’m sure there are many more incidents the we, the public, know nothing about because Chastain is afriad of being impeached. After reading just these few I don’t know how anyone in their right state of mind could re-elect mayor chastain.

Keep those things in mind when you go out to the polls tomorrow!

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