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by Staff on May 5, 2007 · 1 comment

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I received an e-mail tonight from a reader of this site and she asked me to post it. Here’s her e-mail, completely unedited, except for a small bit at the end that I’m not including:

Mitchell needs alot of changes

I don’t know much about computers, but I finally have enough courage to speakup. There are alot of people in this town who really want to tell “their” encounter with our officers. I have had two. One last election and one this election. It may not seem like much to most people but I “knew” what was going on and they knew what THEY were doing and I couldn’t do anything about it.Not then and not now. This election I don,t think it is as bad because they know some people ARE watching …….Thank God for this web site….. Anyway last election I had gone to the store with my son. When I came out my son said “Look who is sitting back there behind us.” It was a Mitchell Officer. I just smiled and said we aren’t doing anything, he’s just waiting for someone. Well…I pull out on Main and turn east. At the same time a car from the Dollar Store parking lot pulls out and gets behind me. “THE” ISP buddy decides to pull me over at 8th and Main. He pulls in in a way that people had to go to the other lane to get around him. That’s not enough…within 5 minutes “THE” Mitchell officer (not the one in the parking lot) came in from the east and blocked me in from that direction, causing traffic on Main St. to have to stop. When he asked why I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt I explained I had just had surgery 2 weeks ago to have a breast removed because of cancer. He stood there maybe 3 minutes then said ” Can you prove that”…gave me a seatbelt ticket, and they left. Needless to say I am a wimp and I cried the rest of the day. There was nothing I could do. That was so embarrassing. What COULD I say when he ask could I PROVE it? I am not a bad person. I have been married 37 years and have 4 really good kids. The problem they would have with me is that I am related to one of the candidates for mayor. This election it was a little easier, and I knew something would happen. I just didn’t know when where or who.. Three days after I put an election sticker on my back bumper there was a wreck on 37 and a guy ran on foot from the accident. Of course all officers were in pursuit ALL BUT ONE It was ISP buddy. He took the time out of his manhunt to let ME know, my license plate light wasn’t bright enough and he could barely read my plate. I’ll bet he was able to read that sticker though. Now, I will be getting stopped again I imagine. But at least there will be no doubt why, Jeremy, please use the name and not . It couldn’t hurt, and if there is a chance I won’t have to mess with them, that’s even better. Like I said I am a wimp Thanks

That’s pretty messed up, but I’ll admit that it doesn’t really surprise me in this City. I feel sorry for what you — all of you — have to deal with. We can only hope that a new administration will take over in November and that things will improve. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with all of us.

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