Theft and Misuse of Funds?

by Staff on May 5, 2007 · 30 comments

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The City of Mitchell is, by most accounts, underfunded. The City needs more money, there’s not enough cash to do all the things that the leaders and citizens would like to see done, right?

I spoke with someone not long ago who gave me some insight as to just how some of Mitchell’s money is being spent. What it boils down to is a gross misuse of the City’s funds and — to put it bluntly — outright theft.

Remember a while ago when some people, myself included, were raising a big stink about City employees using City-owned vehicles for personal use, at the expense of the taxpayers?

The allegations that I’m hearing — and these are just allegations at this point, until the requests under the Indiana Access to Public Records Act are made and the responses received — are that:

  • Mayor Chastain drove his City-owned vehicle to Nashville, Tennessee, for vacation (presumably, the City paid for the gas as well),
  • Mayor Chastain drove his City-owned vehicle to Kentucky for his wife’s family reunion, and
  • that some “leftover” funds that weren’t spent may have been “misappropriated”.

Obviously, all of these are clear violations of any policies regarding personal use of City-owned vehicles. The last one, however, is somewhat scary and, indeed, criminal in nature, if true.

A message has been left for Mayor Chastain seeking comment. I don’t, however, honestly expect a response for him.

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