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by Staff on July 27, 2007 · 6 comments

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I received an e-mail today from someone who told me that she has sent a letter to the Bedford Times-Mail editors four times, yet they still haven’t printed it. She has asked me to post it here:

Hey Jeremy,

I wasn’t sure exactly where to post this so I will let you put it in somewhere if you don’t mind. I’ve submitted my letter to the Editor several times and they STILL haven’t printed it. So I figured I could at least post it on here. Apparently they don’t want to print something that shows their complete and utter lack of journalism skills.

This has been submitted to the Times Mail by me 4 times now. They STILL have not printed it. To access the original article go here

I’m still boiling from their article and their choice of words. Anyway here is my letter to the Editor, maybe somebody from the Times Mail will read it!

To the Editor,

“To the dismay of firefighters, Melanie Premo’s dog bolted from a burning modular home Tuesday.” As printed on July 18, 2007 in the Times Mail. Now this is what I wanted to read the day after everything my daughter and I owned went up in flames. Not to mention we lost our pet ferret, Abby. What exactly were you thinking Diana? To the “dismay” of the firefighters?? When I realized my dog, Gizmo, was not in fact dead, but still alive, I had a moment of sheer happiness when everything else was falling apart around me. You ruined that moment. And unfortunately our Gizmo passed away early Saturday morning due to severe lung damage from being in the burning home so long. I thank God my 4 year old daughter is not old enough to read yet. I can’t imagine how she would have felt after reading your “garbage”.

And if that tasteless remark wasn’t enough, half of the information in the story was untrue. I would have been glad to speak with someone from the paper regarding the fire. Not one single person contacted me. So lets get the facts straight. #1 the firefighters were not the ones who rescued my cat, Bella. My wonderful, fearless neighbor, Brett Hudelson is the one who pulled our cat out. If it wasn’t for him we would have lost all of our pets. Thankfully our cat is going to be ok.

Fact #2, the fire did not start in the kitchen, it started in the dining room and #3, I did not “have many of her (my) belongings packed”. I had moved my daughter’s bed and T.V. to the house I purchased in Mitchell, but everything else had been at the rented home unpacked, as I was not to be completely moved out until August 1st.

But as I stated above, if anyone, especially you, Diana Wires, had bothered to try contacting me about any of this you would have had facts, not fiction, to print.

So my fellow citizens of Lawrence County and beyond, don’t believe everything you read in the Times Mail. I found out the hard way that they apparently have no problem printing information about you and your family on the front page of the newspaper without making 100% sure they have the facts. So to the Times Mail, onions to you for making an unbearable situation for me and my daughter Ashlyn, even more unbearable with your disrespectful choice of words.

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