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by Staff on August 6, 2007 · 30 comments

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Those of you who’ve been following this web site for a while may remember a discussion a number of months ago about the water bill hike the City implemented.

There was an article today in the Herald-Times entitled “Rate hike to fund new water pipeline” (subscription required, sorry).

In a nutshell, there’s a $42.1 million dollar project in the works to build a second, redundant pipeline from Lake Monroe (Bloomington‘s source of water, to the tune of 14 million gallons/day) to the City of Bloomington’s water treatment plant.

While reading the article and the numbers quoted, I immediately remembered the discussion that went on here. To get this project completed, there’s going to be a total of a 46% rate hike, “likely split over two pay periods”.

To put that in perspective, “The average monthly residential bill, based on usage of 5,000 gallons of water, currently is $16.88; a 46 percent rate increase would result in a bill of $24.64.” (source: H-T).

That’s right on par with my average water bill. A 46% increase isn’t going to hurt my pocketbook. I’m interested in knowing how much the City of Mitchell’s rates went up a few months ago (in percentage, preferably) if you don’t mind sharing.

Keep in mind that Bloomington is doing this to provide better services, while Mitchell had to jack up its rates because of poor management.

Disclaimer: I work and live in Bloomington (for those who didn’t already know) and I actually like how this City is managed.

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