Mark Kern, Another Employee Being Paid For Nothing

by Staff on September 24, 2007 · 84 comments

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Clerk-Treasurer Mark Kern is still an employee of the City of Mitchell, even though he submitted his resignation a few weeks back. He sent out a press release to the Bedford Times-Mail on the evening of September 5th announcing his resignation.

Clerk-Treasurer Kern, however, after being “on vacation” for a few weeks prior to that, was still receiving a paycheck from the City. In addition, he is *STILL* receiving a paycheck from the City.

According to the Mayor’s Office, “the paperwork hasn’t been filed yet”. When asked “So he’s still officially a City employee then?”, the person responded “Mm-hmm”. No effective date of the termination of his employment with the City was available.

I’ve also heard that Mark’s plan is to “hang around” until after election time (he apparently never filed the necessary paperwork with the Clerk’s office to have his name removed from the ballot either) to see if he wins. If he wins, he’ll stay; otherwise he has his job in Indianapolis to take if he loses.

In the meantime, Kim Leonard is being paid around $12/hour to do what Kern is being paid tens of thousands a year to do…

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