Good Timing

by Staff on October 2, 2007 · 52 comments

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Last Monday, I FAX’d a request to Chief Hardman asking for the number of citations that have been issued by the Mitchell Police Department this year, broken down by month. I did this because I have read comments posted here that Troy Lobosky was “pressuring” the other officers to not issue tickets. The numbers seem to indicate that. Here’s how many have been issued per month during 2007:

January: 128
February: 22
March: 39
April: 14
May: 36
June: 57
July: 82
August: 17

Notice that big drop for the month of August? (Looks like I’ll have to send another request to get the numbers for the month of September).

So, what’s the good timing, you ask?

Coincidentally, I received a call from a Mitchell Police officer this morning. While talking, I asked him if there were any truth to the rumor that Troy Lobosky was telling other officers to stop issuing tickets. He told me that he didn’t quite come out and say it like that, “but we were told to lay off”. Apparently there is truth to the rumor that Butch is having them cut back on the way they enforce laws in an attempt to benefit him in the election. I’m sure that’s no surprise to most of you, however.

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