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The following letter was previously submitted to the Times-Mail to publication in their “Letters to the Editor” section in response to a letter from Barbara Brooks insinuating that Dan Terrell “didn’t care if Lehigh packed up and left, because Lehigh isn’t that important to Mitchell.” This letter, however, was never published. It read:

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the recent “Letter to the Editor” written by Barbara Brooks and published in the Times-Mail. Even though she did not mention me by name, Ms. Brooks insinuated that I had made a statement to the effect that I did not care whether or not that Lehigh was part of Mitchell’s future. This statement is not true and whoever has said it or repeats it is not telling the truth.

I have never spoken with Ms. Brooks and as far as I know, she has never tried to contact me. Had she done this before she wrote her letter, I would have explained to her that Lehigh has always been an important part of my life. Many of my friends who have now passed, including my father-in-law, Nelson Bales, Smokey Shoults, Danny Hardman, Cotton Henderson and Tony Mann, worked many years at Lehigh. Some of my good friends, including Duke Mann, Dennis Hardman, Billy Arnold, Dave Williams, Joe Vanzant and many others are employed there now. I care about these men and their families very much. For Ms. Brooks to insinuate that I do not care whether these men have jobs is a very vicious and hurtful thing to say. Shame on the person who started this rumor and shame on the ones who continue to spread it.

I know everyone running for office in the city election this year. They are all good people and all support Lehigh. I would like the opportunity to talk about the issues, not gossip. If the people of Mitchell want to hear the truth, they should demand that a public debate be held between the candidates. We have differences of opinions. I believe my position is quite clear on these issues and I am willing to defend this position quite vigorously at debate.

Dan Terrell
Republican Candidate for Mayor of Mitchell

In addition, the following notice was posted in the Lehigh Union Hall:


Recently a rumor spread through Lehigh that I had said that I didn’t care whether Lehigh stayed in Mitchell or not. Nothing could be farther from the truth. No one running for a political office would make such a ridiculous statement and I assure you that I did not.

As a 35-year member of a union and elected official (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen, Local 754, Terre Haute, IN), I understand the importance of cooperation between management, union and local elected officials.

Most of you know me and you know that I am pretty plain-spoken. If you have any questions about any statements I have made or any other issue, please feel free to call me at 812-797-1555.

Attached you will find a copy of my response to the recent letter attacking me which appeared in the Bedford Times-Mail.


Dan Terrell
Republican Candidate for Mayor of Mitchell

Perhaps that will set the record straight. If you still don’t believe it, I’d invite you to show up at the Mitchell Community Building next Tuesday evening and ask Dan for yourself. See ya there!

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