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The November ballot will be full of names as city voters will have the opportunity to elect a mayor, clerk-treasurer and five city council positions.

To help voters make informed choices, the Mitchell Times will sponsor an in-paper forum on Tuesday, Oct. 30. Each candidate will be mailed questions, and their answers will be printed in the Mitchell Times on that date. But we need your help.

We are asking the voters of Mitchell to submit questions they’d like the candidates to answer. Many of those questions will be examined by the newspaper staff and some will be submitted to the candidates. Questions should be general in nature, not addressing a particular candidate, and they should be questions each candidate can answer fairly. Please specify if the question is for the city council candidates, mayor candidates or the clerk-treasurer candidate.

Questions can be sent to Mitchell Times Editor Krystal Slaten by e-mail at, faxed to 277-3472 (attn: Krystal Slaten) or mailed to Mitchell Times, c/o Krystal Slaten, at 813 16th St., Bedford, IN 47421.

Questions from the voters are due by Tuesday, Oct. 16, so they can be sent to each candidate, giving them time to answer the questions before returning them to the newspaper office for publication on Oct. 30.

The November ballot will contain the following candidates:



City Council District 1:

  • Rosemary Brewer, Democrat
  • Junior Mills, Republican

City Council District 2:

  • William “Bill” Arnold, Democrat
  • Don Goldsberry, Republican

City Council District 3:

  • Michael Eager, Republican
  • Joey Slone, Democrat

City Council District 4:

  • Everett Ferrell, Democrat
  • Allan Hackney, Republican

City Council At-Large:

  • Steve Haynes, Democrat
  • Dwight Moore, Republican

For more information, contact Slaten at 812-277-7264.

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