Mayor-elect Terrell’s dog killed

by Staff on November 19, 2007 · 66 comments

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I know that most of you who read this site already read the Bedford Times-Mail online as well. I’m fairly sure, therefore, that you’ve probably already read that somebody killed Danny Terrell’s dog over the weekend.

I am not going to attempt to point the finger at anyone. Upon first reading the article, I think that many of us probably jumped to a conclusion on who we thought might be responsible. I’d like to encourage everyone not to do that, however. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume most folks would blame it on someone associated with Mayor Chastain or the Police Department or similar. Knowing that, it would be real easy for someone completely removed from the situation to carry out this task, confident that the blame would immediately be directed elsewhere.

I sincerely hope that the person or persons responsible have nothing to do with the City government. It could just as easily have been a young kid. Whether the Mayor and/or Police Department like Mr. Terrell is completely irrelevant at this point — they need to step up and reassure the citizens of Mitchell that mindless brutal killings of innocent animals will not be tolerated.

I am contemplating offering up a small reward to the person who can provide law enforcement with the identity of the person or persons responsible. If I were to do that, would anyone be interested in pitching in? Folks who would otherwise “keep their mouths shut” can be compelled to speak when there’s a possibility of monetary gain…

Note: Before someone distorts my words, please don’t assume that I think Mayor Chastain would have something to do with this. As I mentioned before, I believe he is a decent man and something like this would be well below him. I would not and do not believe he has any responsibility in this incident.

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