Yet another demonstration of Phelix’s incompetence

by Staff on December 28, 2007 · 9 comments

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Randy Phelix has once again proven his incompetence. Let me explain…

Remember when the Sprint station was robbed on November 30th? There was some discussion on the Times-Mail web site afterwards and I made a remark about the Police needing to look into a young lady who worked there. I didn’t mention any names, but I included enough information (or so I thought!) for them to be able to figure out who I was talking about. (I said something to the effect of “the young lady who didn’t show up for work” — the same one who was also fired the day after the robbery, if memory serves.)

Fast forward to this evening. It was about 10:40PM and I was lying on my couch playing with my new MacBook when my Blackberry starts buzzing, letting me know I have a new text message. It’s from the young lady who happened to be working at Sprint at the time it was robbed. The brief exchange went like this:

Her: Did you say I had something to do with the robbery?
Me: No, why?
Her: That’s what the police said

I was floored. I hadn’t spoken to any of the cops involved in the investigation (or any of the non-cops, like Gary Eager), so it was clear they were making assumptions about what I’d said on the TM web site.

My friend called right after that and began filling me in on what happened. It was quite interesting. I’m not sure of the timeline of when all of this happened, but it’s obviously been recently.

Apparently, her boss at Sprint kept insisting that she needed to go talk to the police. She got fired from Sprint because she wasn’t “emotionally stable” enough — she got robbed with a gun and watched a co-worker get beat. Gee, you think maybe it’d affect her?

Anyways, when she went to the police station, she was interviewed by Randy Phelix and Gary Eager. Why Gary Eager is even involved in any of these investigations is beyond me, but that’s another story. During the interview, she was told that they were investigating her because of comments that I had made (I was specifically mentioned by name). If they weren’t such idiots, they would have 1) been able to figure out who I was talking about and 2) not made such extreme decisions if there was any ambiguity to my remarks.

Phelix and Eager then proceeded to accuse my friend of being involved in the robbery (with all due respect, she couldn’t pull something like that off), repeatedly threatening her until she was crying.

In addition, apparently her sex life is also their business, as they inquired about her sexual relationship with one of the suspects (there wasn’t one) as well as myself (no, we haven’t slept together either).

What surprised me was that I was just now hearing about it. Why had it taken her so long to tell me about it? Well, I found out. Phelix believes, as so many of us already know, that he has unlimited authority: He told my friend that she was not allowed to talk to me!

Can you believe that? Randy Phelix now believes he has enough power to tell a law-abiding citizen who she can or cannot talk to!? Did I mention that it was this particular young lady who was able to identify the alleged robbers? While Phelix was still trying to roll his butt out of bed at 4:30AM, she had identified the suspects, and the Lawrence County Police Department had them in custody.

Randy, next time I say something ambiguous that could result in you taking such drastic actions, don’t you think you just might want to verify who it was I was talking about? No, of course not, you’d rather go around accusing innocent people. Geez, and you actually had the nerve to *ask* her what I have against you? It’s your arrogance combined with your complete incompetence, Randy. Your fat ass isn’t worth the money you spend on doughnuts in a day.

I have one last thing to say and it’s directly to you, Phelix, because I know you read this site. I have to give you a bit of credit. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to work as a public servant in a city where no one likes me. I don’t think I’d be able to go to work everyday knowing that everyone I was supposed “to serve and protect” hated my fat ass. Lesser people would give up, move somewhere else, get a new job and a new attitude, and start fresh. Not you; you have too much pride for that. If you at least had the respect of your fellow officers, I could almost understand. But not even your fellow police officers can stand you!

You did, however, resign from Lawrence County when the Sheriff told you he’d give you a letter of recommendation if you did. Yeah, you jumped on that one quick, didn’t you? Perhaps you should just go ahead and resign now and not take a chance on getting fired. At least you’ll be able to retain a bit of your dignity. That’s gotta be worth something, right? (I just wouldn’t hold out for a letter of recommendation if I were you.)

On that note, this video is for you…


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