Blair getting scared?

by Staff on January 8, 2008 · 7 comments

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A few nights ago, “MissKnowItAll” posted the following:

I spoke with Steve Blair twice on Saturday. My wallet was stolen in Bedford, and I reported it to the Bedford Police Department. In my wallet was my cell phone. Well, the smart people who stole my phone, wallet, debit card, license and money used my cell as if I wasn’t going to immediately get a new phone and have my number switched over. (Intelligent criminals at their best … not.) As soon as I switched it, I started getting text messages from friends of the thief. And calls asking for her!!

I called BPD since it was stolen in Bedford. They acted like it was a big inconvenience and that it wasn’t worth their time. Guess the cash, Coach wallet, new phone and debit card … well over $200 (without them getting access to my bank account) … wasn’t worth their time.

I called MPD and spoke to the dispatcher on duty. She said she’d have the officer call me when he got back on station. Ten minutes later, he called. It was Blair. I told him the story and how Bedford wouldn’t give me the time of day. I gave him the phone numbers of the people calling, and he called them and talked to them and called me back again!! Should I mention that I still haven’t heard back from the Bedford officer with whom I left a voicemail? It’s not even a Mitchell case, but Steve Blair went the extra mile to help me out by calling these individuals.

I don’t know where this case will end up, but you’re going to have to come at me with an awful lot to convince me that Steve Blair shouldn’t be the assistant chief of police.

But I might mention that I have absolutely NO issues with mentioning the people involved. I have first names of the people who texted me and their cell phone numbers, and I know a woman called last night and gave me the first and last name of the girl she was trying to reach on my phone. If it’s not solved or the thiefs don’t turn in the items, then I think it would be a grand idea if I posted all their names and cell phone numbers on this Web site!!

So, what have we found out?

MissKnowItAll mentioned that she was getting text messages from a few people on her phone, shortly after she got it replaced. Those text messages were coming from two local cell phone numbers. The phones belonged to a few people who sounded like juveniles, Evan and Ashley.

But it gets better!

Come to find out, “Ashley” is Ashley Chastain. It just so happens that Ashley is married to Sam Chastain, son of former Mayor Butch Chastain. Now Ashley is apparently raising hell with Assistant Chief Blair, playing the political card, and accusing him of picking on her. Evidently it’s getting to Blair who’s now afraid to press the issue.

Officer Blair, grow some balls, keep investigating, and get this shit straightened out. It is your *DUTY*.

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