MPD shuts down alleged "puppy mill"

by Staff on January 27, 2008 · 47 comments

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According to the Times-Mail, the Mitchell Police Department raided a suspected “puppy mill” at a home in the 100 block of East Grissom Avenue where 31 dogs were removed.

While many people on the comments section of the T-M article were praising the Mitchell Police Department (myself included) for getting involved, I found out that the MPD has apparently been told about this previously without taking any action.

According to one e-mail I received, “… I talked to <NAME REMOVED> last week … has gotten several complaints about Robin and that she turned them over to animal control and the MPD and nothing ever got done.”

“It irks me that people keep standing up for the MPD saying they did a good job and that they were taking care of it blah blah blah because i know for a fact that the complaint investigations were not followed through with like they should have been. If it hadn’t been for (the rescue group) sitting at city hall for HOURS demanding something to be done it wouldn’t have.”

I could go on and on, but I don’t think that “bashing” the MPD is going to accomplish anything else at this time. It’s my hope that nothing like this will come up in the future, although the unfortunate truth is that it probably will. We can only hope that law enforcement will take proactive measures instead of being reactive. This is an issue that is important to many people and the new leadership at the MPD is very determined to redefine the police department as one that we can all be proud of. With those two things in mind, I’m sure they will pay attention in the future.

“One puppy died Friday and another Saturday morning while Robin had them. The Humane Society was working late into the night to try to save some of them that were badly dehydrated.”

Had action been taken earlier, those two puppies might have been saved.

Mitchell Police Department Chief Jim Richardson responded to an e-mail as follows:

“We did get a report on a couple of dogs that were left outside when the temperature was zero and we picked them up. I have been to the animal shelter to pick up the key so we could take animals there after hours and sign them into the shelter. For all of us in the new city government we are learning as we go. Will we make mistakes? Yes we will but it will not be because we are not trying to do the right thing. I had received an email last week about the situation and had conversation with the humane society. I posted this on the log for the officers to give special attention to this location. I had never been inside the location. I am glad that the activists got the information that made the search warrant available.” 

Jim is a good man and I’m confident he will do anything he can if/when something like this happens again. He’s dedicated to bringing new life to the Mitchell Police Department and I think it shows.

I have pledged my support to the people involved in this situation. If/when something similar happens, I’ve offered to make a big scene about it. Whether you like me or hate me (or this site), the fact is that I can get people’s attention (well outside of Mitchell, as well). If complaints are ignored in the future, we’ll drum up support and there will be more than a dozen or so people showing up at City Hall.

I’ll be waiting to hear if Michelle Woodward decides to pursue this matter. Based on comments made by others on the TM site, others are confident that she will. If she fails to, then it may be necessary to show up in her office with some signed petitions.

As always, I’m interested in your thoughts. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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