So maybe I owe an apology…

by Staff on January 16, 2008

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As I’m sure most of you read, I asked for a copy of the lease for the old Dana building at 900 W Frank Street. Monday morning I received a copy of the lease (via FAX) but there was information redacted.

I kept my word and filed a complaint with the Indiana Public Access Counselor immediately afterwards. My first reaction was that somebody there at City Hall was “playing games” and trying to be funny by sending me the lease with the lessee information redacted.

Since then, I’ve since received a copy of the lease with none of the information redacted. It actually appears that it arrived about two hours after the first one did, but I can’t be sure since the timestamp on the FAX at City Hall is about a month off.

Since I wasn’t expecting anything else, I hadn’t bothered to check the FAX for anything new. In addition, I was not in the office yesterday. When I arrived this morning, I had a pile of new stuff in my Inbox and began sorting through it.

One of the items was the full copy of the lease with no information redacted. Perhaps I jumped the gun with my complaint. As I said, I’m still not sure. I filed my complaint with the PAC and posted about it here prior to receiving the lease, of that I’m sure. Now I’m not sure whether them sending the redacted lease was unintentional or not. Maybe they read that I filed a complaint and decided to send me the full thing. No idea.

Regardless, I’ll apologize. In retrospect, I should’ve contacted the Mayor and spoke with him to find out exactly what was going on, but when I received the FAX with the lessee information redacted, I jumped the gun and assumed they were “playing games”.

Along with the latest FAX was a handwritten note from the Mayor giving me the go ahead to disclose the information. I believe there may be an article in the Times-Mail today about it, though, so I’ll just wait and let it show up there.

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