The other side of the "puppy mill" story

by Staff on January 27, 2008 · 101 comments

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In the interest of being fair and hearing both sides of the story, here are e-mails I have received from the woman accused of running the so-called “puppy mill”. This is what she had to say:

“Hello, I know what you are thinking about me and you are so wrong. I have the pictures of the puppies and the cages. I am willing to let you come and talk to me. These puppies were VERY well taking care of. They were wormed every 2 weeks. In clean cages were they were not walking in the feces and urine. They had trays under each and every cage so they didn’t walk in that. They were cleaned 2-3 times a day. The cage was a 3 stack cage that is still here. If you would like to see it before it leaves here. I could tell you more on this, but I would like to talk to you in person if that is posibale. The cages are loaded and ready to go. But I would like for someone who thinks I am a bad people to see that I am NOT! I have sold puppies to your family as well. Plz come here and let me talk to you in person. I do have a 6 year old son that everyone needs to think about.”


“But if you look a the picture one the front page of the paper. You will see that that puppy was very healthy. They were not in cages all the time. When the women that came here they were let out and playing every where. I was not doing it to make money, I did it because I love dogs. I would never hurt a animal in a million years. They took 2 yorkie puppies that they said were staying here. 1 was my sons. They were just as healthy as the rest. I did not treat any any different. I will fight this and WIN. I have vet bills and shot records for all my dog. I can call my vet at anytime day or night. I have took dogs to him after 9-10:00 at night. I know he will stand by me. He told people about my dogs and how healty they were.”


“And I wanted to let you know that the dogs outside did have a heater out there and boxes they could go into with dog doors. There food was but in the boxes so the birds would not eat it. and they all eat purina dog and puppy food. I did not buy cheat dog food that was not good for them. But there was heat in there for them. The poodle did look bad. But I could not shave him down in the winter or he would freeze to death. I shave all my dog down 3 times a summer. I am not a bad person.”


“And I did have barry watson out here last year will someone turned me in and he said everything was ok. And I call the human soc. and told them they could come and look at me dog. But they DIDN”T do it. I tried to get a kennell licence and the trustee said i didn’t need one. That they stp that. No one knows my side just the women that that think they know it all. And as far as them being trained for this kind of thing. They are Not. You do not go though any training to work with these people. Just have to think they know it all.”

That sure puts a different spin on things, huh?

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