DUI Dan?

by Staff on February 16, 2009 · 79 comments

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Earlier this afternoon, the following was posted.  Let the rumors begin!

Well people the City Government in Mitchell is about ready to take an interesting turn. At approx. 2:30am on the morning of Valentine’s Day an ISP offficer pulls over Mayor Terrell. In turn the ISP officer offers him a Blood & Urine Test which the mayor submitted to. The Mayor & ISP Officer went to the hospital to get the blood & urine tests & then the mayor was released. There are conflicting stories on this one story is the Mayor refused the test & other story is he was only offered the Blood & Urine Test. The bottom line is this. If the tests comes back showing he was over the limit a warrent can be obtained for his arrest. And if that occurs & he is arrested in return the way the law reads the City Council could start Impeachment Proceedings againist the Mayor. In other words more than likely someone from the council would become Interm Mayor. Mitchell City Government is on it’s way to it’s lowest point on record. To have this occur on top of everything else is unbeliveable. If you are supporter of Mayor Terrell you better start praying for him because it isn’t looking good for him.

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