Officer Blair Terminated

by Staff on April 28, 2010 · 6 comments

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Board of Works members Mike Eager and Steve Burton agreed this morning that Officer Blair’s employment with the Mitchell Police Department should be immediately terminated.

In a public session this morning at City Hall, Mike Eager read aloud the “findings of facts”:

The conduct of Steven Blair as acting Chief of Police was a blatant breach of discipline, breach of trust, and an unauthorized disclosure of confidential, private and official information relayed to him as the acting Chief of Police and is in violation of the City of Mitchell’s rules regarding confidentiality of police business, 8-36-1, dereliction of duty, 8-23-1, unbecoming conduct, 8-17-1, and conduct adverse to the Police Department of the City of Mitchell, 1-1-6 and 1-2-9.

After presenting the “findings of facts”, Burton made a motion to fire Blair, which Eager quickly seconded.  Eager asked for a vote and both responded in favor of the motion.  They signed the “findings of fact” document and then quickly adjourned the meeting.  Mayor Terrell, who was present for the meeting but did not participate, quietly left the room.

Blair was not present for the meeting.

A short while later, Blair’s wife delivered numerous items to the lobby area of the Police Department, as seen below:

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