Charges Filed Against Asst Principal Woodward

by Staff on July 16, 2010 · 5 comments

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Charges were filed today in Lawrence Circuit Court I against former assistant principal Nathan Woodward, 32, of 2623 North Hill Drive, Bedford, who just tendered his resignation.

At least one Class D Felony charge of Child Seduction (IC 35-42-4-7(k)(1)(2)(A)(ii)) was filed (possibly two), but Andrea McCord quickly disqualified herself and the case was re-filed in Lawrence Superior Court I with case #47D01-1007-FD-00787 (Chronological Case Summary).

According to an TM article, MCS Superintendent John Lantis issued a two-sentence statement:

On the 16th of July 2010, the superintendent of Mitchell Community Schools accepted the immediate resignation of Nathan A. Woodward as an assistant principal, pursuant to board policy. Mr. Woodward was employed by Mitchell Community Schools in August 2009 and requested and was granted a leave of absence on or about Feb. 25, 2010.

Indiana Code reads (summarized):  “If a person who … engages with the child in sexual intercourse, deviate sexual conduct, or any fondling or touching with the intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires of either the child or the adult, the person commits child seduction.”

Calls to Woodward’s home seeking comment were not answered.

On a related note, on January 6th, Woodward filed a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (Chronological Case Summary) against his wife.

UPDATE 7:02pm:

I’ve posted Chronological Case Summary documents for the civil (divorce) and criminal (child seduction) cases.

An unnamed source has indicated that other charges may be forthcoming:  “It was supposed to have been girls on the team he coached.  There were supposed to have been at least 4 students involved, several of whom were over 18.”

In addition, “There will be a special prosecutor in the case and a special judge will have to be appointed in the case. I’ve heard he’s hired Sam Shapiro as his defense attorney.”

More details will be coming Monday, when we can acquire the Probable Cause Affidavit and related documents.

He’s still not answering my phone calls either.  =)

UPDATE 7:14pm:

I’m told that two different charges were filed against Woodward in Circuit Court.  We’ll know more Monday.


Everything seems pretty credible to me......;)


It's about time someone spoke up about him!

James Paul
James Paul

Just wondering why it is your "news" organization doesn't seem to credit any of its information -- no writers' bylines are listed and sources are usually unnamed. I'm not saying the info is suspect or inaccurate, but the lack of anyone willing to claim responsibility for anything associated with the site does hurt the appearance of credibility.


Was wondering when it was finally going to come out in the news...took long enough


James, As I mentioned in my response to your e-mail: The information I receive comes from various sources, who almost always wish to remain anonymous. Any stories or articles posted are by me.

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