School Board Cancels Sibbitt’s Contract

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Dr. Alva SibbittA few weeks after hearing testimony from more than 30 “witnesses”, Mitchell School Board members voted unanimously to cancel the contract of Dr. Alva Sibbitt Monday evening, “effective immediately”, four months after he allegedly rammed his school-owned vehicle into a Indiana State Police patrol car.

“In the Matter of the Teaching Contract of Alva L. Sibbitt, Jr.”, the School Board noted 22 “findings of fact” and several “conclusions of law”:


  1. The Board has jurisdiction over Dr. Sibbitt and the authority to determine whether or not his employment should be continued.
  2. The Board has followed an appropriate process in its consideration of Dr. Sibbitt’s contract and has afforded Dr. Sibbitt all rights that he is entitled to receive under law.
  3. The Board has the authority to cancel Dr. Sibbitt’s contract as superintendent and teacher in Mitchell Schools if it determines that such cancellation is in the best interest of the Mitchell Schools. The Board may also base cancellation of the contract on other good and just cause.
  4. In determining the best interest of Mitchell Schools, the Board notes that Dr. Sibbitt is the chief administrative officer of the school district and is charged with carrying out the policy decisions of the Board. It is important that the Board be able to have confidence in his judgments and respect for his conduct. It is also important for Dr. Sibbitt, in his position, to model appropriate behavior for all staff members and students.
  5. Dr. Sibbitt’s actions in this case are contrary to the values of Mitchell Schools. The Board does not believe that he can be an effective leader of the Mitchell Schools or carry out the policy decisions of the Board in an efficient manner. His continued employment as Superintendent would not serve the best interests of Mitchell Schools.
  6. For the same reasons, Dr. Sibbitt’s continued employment as a teacher in Mitchell Schools would not serve the interests of Mitchell schools.
  7. As defined in Indiana law, “other good and just cause” for the cancellation of a teaching and superintendent contract is defined to include any ground put forth in good faith that is relevant to the Board’s task of building or maintaining an efficient school system.
  8. All of the reasons which lead this Board to conclude that cancellation of Dr. Sibbitt’s contract is in the best interest of Mitchell Schools also support the Board’s decision that it has good and just cause to cancel that contract.
  9. Dr. Sibbitt’s employment contract with Mitchell Schools, both as superintendent and teacher, should be cancelled immediately for the best interests of the Mitchell Schools and for other good and just cause.

“Based on the foregoing findings of fact and conclusions of law the contract employing Dr. Alva L. Sibbitt, Jr. as superintendent and as a teacher in Mitchell Schools is cancelled effective immediately.”

The document, dated Monday, April 11th, was signed by all five board members: Jamie Kirk, Debra Beeler, Michele Super, Marnie LaFevor, and Chris Shaw.

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