Did Randy Knapp Kill Stacey Lawson?

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That’s one of several questions I was left wondering after being contacted by several sources Thursday afternoon and evening.

Many details have emerged in the last 24 hours that paint a troubling picture into the death of Stacey Lawson and the possible involvement of a man named Randy Knapp.

But first, in order to understand how the lives of these two individuals intermingle, we need to take a step back.

Years ago, Randy Knapp was dating a woman named Rhoda Sue Sims who had a son, Jeffre Alan Sims II. While both Randy and Alan were incarcerated, Rhoda Sims died of a drug overdose. Later, both Randy and Alan are released.

Alan’s father later died, leaving him money and property. Randy apparently taught Alan how to manufacture methamphetamine and there are purportedly bank records that would show that Alan withdrew thousands of dollars at a time, “just for drugs and making meth”.

Alan and Stacey Lawson were involved in a relationship and, I’m told, pictures of the pair together as recently as June were posted on Facebook.

Earlier this month, Jeffre Alan Sims II committed suicide in a hotel room at the Fairfield Inn on Bloomington’s west side. Sources indicate that Alan, “all drugged up”, was hurt because he felt that Stacey Lawson had been using him for money and drugs.

At the time of his death, Randy Knapp had Alan’s cell phone and car.

Numerous sources have stated that, since Alan’s death, Randy has been “visiting” some people that he felt either had items that belonged to Alan or that owed Alan money. He has “been collecting his drug debts” and supposedly felt that Stacey Lawson was responsible for Alan’s death.

On Friday, August 19th, a cab driver wrote that Randy Knapp “has threatened to kill” his wife. “The cops will do nothing,” he said. Knapp believed that the man’s wife had “something of Alan’s and he wants it. We don’t have anything of his.”

“She tried to put a restraining order on him but they wouldn’t do it. They said Randy has to hit her first before they can do anything. That is bullshit.”

At around 4 p.m. Friday afternoon, Lawson received a phone call and “met someone at the end of the driveway to run an errand,” the Herald-Times quoted Stacey’s boyfriend, Pat Lewis, as saying.

The next day — the day Stacey Lawson’s body was discovered — Knapp apparently came to the man’s home “to kill my wife”. The man said that they tried warning the Monroe County Sheriff Department about Knapp “but it took a friend’s death to make them respond. So sad.”

Early Sunday morning, Knapp was arrested by Indiana State Police on a charge of residential entry.

The man said that, had he not been home at the time, Knapp would have shot everyone, “even my grandson”.

“I just did not want him to shoot [my wife] or any of my family.”

The room at the Fairfield Inn where Alan Sims took his own life August 2nd was rented in the name of another man.

After Stacey Lawson’s death, Randy Knapp is said to have left some “crazy messages” on the man’s cell phone. In one message, a source says, Knapp stated that “it’s all over” and that, while he will have to serve a lot of time, “it is done.”

That man, I’m told, was scheduled to meet with detectives from the Indiana State Police Thursday evening to discuss those messages.

As of 4 a.m. Friday morning, Knapp remains incarcerated in the Monroe County Jail. While a bond has been set for the residential entry charge, Knapp is being held without bail on a probation violation. With Knapp securely behind bars, the police have plenty of time to gather evidence and make their case.

Indiana State Police detectives “are still feverishly working on the case”, an ISP spokesman wrote Thursday afternoon in response to an inquiry from Mitchell News.

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