Was The ISP Tipped Off Before Stacey Was Killed?

by Staff on August 25, 2011 · 6 comments

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Indiana State PoliceInformation received by Mitchell News this afternoon indicates that the Indiana State Police may have been tipped off that Stacey Lawson was going to be killed.

Lawson’s body was discovered Saturday afternoon and Knapp was arrested on an unrelated charge Sunday morning. He was being held without bail but, today, bail was set in his case and the State was granted an extension of time to file charges.

According to a confidential source, the Indiana State Police received a tip two days before the murder that Randy Knapp told a woman that he either would kill Stacey Lawson or that she should be killed.

The woman apparently called the ISP and reported the information. An e-mail requesting confirmation from the Indiana State Police has not yet received a response.

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