Martinsville Boy Found Not Guilty of Murder

by Staff on September 9, 2011

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Nathan Butler, the Martinsville boy accused of murdering his six-year-old brother, Andrew Frye, was found not guilty of murder today.

Butler, who was 11 years old at the time of the June 30th shooting, was found to be too immature to be charged as an adult in the case.

Morgan Superior Court Judge Christopher Burnham said Friday that evidence in the case did not support the prosecution’s claims that Butler had intended to kill his younger brother when he aimed the .22 rifle at him and pulled the trigger.

Butler was convicted, as a juvenile, of the lesser charge of reckless homicide, however.

Butler will be taken to Logansport, Indiana, for an evaluation, where he will remain until he is sentenced.

In late July, prosecutors charged Butler’s mother, Amanda Vandagrifft, with neglect of a dependent. She faces up to 50 years on that charge.

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