FAA Investigating “Sex While Skydiving” Incident

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The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating after an explicit video of a man and a woman having sex as they freefall was posted online.

The video depicts Alex Torres, a part-time skydiving instructor at Skydive Taft, and Hope Howell, the company’s secretary, having sex inside an airplane before jumping out in tandem and continuing the act during freefall.

Police began investigating after some parents heard that students at a nearby high school had found the video and began posting it online.

The owner of Skydive Taft, David Chrouch, said that he wasn’t aware of the incident until police notified him:

“I didn’t know it until one of the officers came over from the Taft Police Department and informed me this was going around the kids in school and stuff.”

Mr. Chrouch has reportedly fired Torres, but has not yet decided what he will do about Howell.

Because everyone seen in the video was of legal age and no one complained about witnessing the act, no public nudity charges can be brought, according to Lieutenant Ed Whiting of the Taft (California) Police Department.

The FAA, however, caught wind of the video and has begun an investigation. A spokesman for the FAA, Ian Gregor, stated that there was no explicit policy on sexual conduct in private planes, but that any activity that could distract a pilot or interfere with his ability to concentrate could be a violation of federal aviation guidelines.

The video was apparently a stunt that Torres came up with to get the attention of radio star Howard Stern.

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