“How To” Coupon Classes To Be Held in Mitchell

by Staff on October 11, 2011 · 2 comments

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Thanks to the awesome power of social networking sites like Facebook, we’ve discovered that no less than two “coupon how to” classes will be held in Mitchell this week.

The classes will be held Tuesday (October 11) and Thursday (October 13) night at Bloomfield State Bank beginning at 6 p.m. and ending around 7 p.m. The event organizer noted that “we can stay over a bit” if anyone wants to ask detailed questions. She also mentioned that door prizes will be given out “that may include reusable tote bags, gift certificates/coupons from a retailer, etc.”

There is a very nominal $3 fee to attend the class.

She does ask that parents not bring small children to the class, noting that “this is a small room and we want to go as quickly as we can.”

What is Extreme Couponing?

Earlier this year, a new television show, Extreme Couponing, appeared on the TLC network, demonstrating how consumers could get $600 worth of groceries and pay under 10 bucks at the checkout.

Some of the ladies involved in “extreme couponing” are pretty hardcore, including some who even go as far as “dumpster diving” to obtain some of the $57 billion worth of coupons that are thrown away each year in the USA.

One of my Facebook friends posted recently that she scored 8 boxes of Tampax at once. I suggested that she might want to see a doctor instead (hi, Amanda).

Extreme Couponing Tips

If you’re interested in saving some real money in the checkout aisle, check out these tips from some hardcore “couponers” to get you started:

Tip #1: Don’t buy things just because they’re on sale.

If you don’t usually buy a particular item, don’t start simply because you can get it at a discount. Instead of saving money, you’ll actually be spending more than you normally would have.

Tip #2: Shop around.

In order to truly save, you’ll likely need to visit multiple stores. You’ll save even more (time and gas) if you combine your visits into a single trip. Keep in mind that stores often have different items on sale at different times.

Tip #3: Don’t cut out the coupons when you get them.

Instead, you should get yourself a large binder, punch holes in the fliers or pamphlets and keep them all in your binder. You’ll save yourself lots of time and work by only cutting out the coupons when you’re actually going to use them. If there are pages that have coupons for items you never buy, go ahead and throw them out.

If I were into this, for example, I’d probably just throw away the coupons that could net me 8 boxes of tampons since, well, I don’t really get nosebleeds very often.

Tip #4: Timing is everything.

One “couponer” said that she didn’t really need paper towels at the time but, since the store was having a sale, she managed to get two rolls for free and another for $0.69. In effect, she scored three rolls of paper towels for a grand total of $0.69, simply because she was careful about when she used the coupons.

If you’re serious about saving money on things you’re going to buy anyway, it might be well worth $3 and an hour of your time to check out the class. In this tough economy, every penny really does count and, if you’re paying retail prices, you’re probably paying too much.

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