The More You Know: Tacos Not Valid ID in Florida

by Staff on October 22, 2011

in Offbeat

If you’re heading to Florida anytime soon, you may want to make a mental note that tacos aren’t valid, accepted forms of identification in the Sunshine State.

One guy learned that lesson the hard way after passing out in a Taco Bell drive-thru. Oh, and his vehicle caught on fire too, though apparently not due to the volcano tacos or fire sauce.

Early in the morning of October 1st, Matthew Falker reportedly decided to make a run for the border for some fourth meal after slamming a few brewskis and — we’re not sure how — actually made it to the restaurant in his pickup, ordered his food, and got his taco before passing out drunk.

The manager of the joint had to call police because the guy passed out at the pick-up window and was holding up the other vehicles behind him — definitely NOT a victimless crime. Mitchell News sympathizes with all the hungry people who had to wait and wait in order to get their late-night munchies.

When an officer awoke Falkner and asked him for identification, he first told him no before reaching into his bag and showing the officer a taco. Another officer made it clear that they were asking for identification, not a taco. Falkner laughed and started eating his taco.

At this point, the officers noticed that he had fallen asleep with his foot on the gas while the truck’s transmission was in park. The poor Chevy’s engine had caught on fire, requiring fire extinguishers to put it out.

A breath test showed that Falkner’s blood alcohol content was between .225 and .227 — nearly three times Florida’s legal limit. He was carted off to the pokey and charged with DUI. We’re not clear what happened to the taco.

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