Exclusive: Original Letter from Byron Steele to Everett Ferrel

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In a February 2008 letter, attorney Byron Steele told city councilman Everett Ferrel that an annexation ordinance passed in 1979 “cannot include real estate in the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter (which is where you are located).”

In the same letter, Steele offered up a scheme that “would take some extraordinary cooperation on the part of several parties” to “agree that a mistake was made in Ordinance No. 8-1979″, in order to have Ferrel’s property recognized as being in the City of Mitchell so that he could retain his seat on the Mitchell City Council.

The letter, composed on letterhead from “Steele & Steele, L.L.C.” and received by Mitchell News from an anonymous source, shows what some would consider to be corrupt behavior and questionable ethics. Read the original letter by clicking on the link below.

ATTACHMENT: February 2008 letter from Byron Steele to Everett Ferrel (PDF)


"I would suggest you not tell them that I am your attorney ..." And this letter came from the same attorney who is now representing the city of Mitchell "against" Everett Ferrel? I am sure that Mr. Steele will work extremely hard to convince a judge that the city shouldn't have to pay Everett back pay, which is what this is all about. I wish the city would just come out and say: "We want to pay Everett his $15K in back pay, but we don't want it to look bad, so we're going this route. Besides, the voters of Mitchell are too stupid to recognize this as a public relations ploy."

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