3 Dead, 1 Flown to Hospital After Crash

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Two women and one man were killed and another man was transported by helicopter to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis after a crash late Saturday night.

Pronounced dead at the scene were:

  • Dasan Spires, 33,  Heltonville,
  • Laura Duncan, 38, Mitchell, and
  • Morgan Hutton, 30, Bedford

Around 11 p.m. Saturday night, police received a 911 phone call from Kyle Hutton at his home at 220 Riley Boulevard in Bedford. Hutton reported that he had been in a car crash on Bailey Scales Road near Riley Boulevard and that the others were not responsive. He was taken by ambulance to IU Health Bedford Hospital and later flown by helicopter to Methodist Hospital.

According to an accident report, police have not yet determined who was driving the Jeep that left the roadway and hit a telephone pole, although sources indicate that Kyle Hutton was driving the vehicle.  The four were on their way home and intoxicated after leaving The Brewery, we’re told.

Kyle Hutton faces various charges, pending the results of the blood draw.

sally mae miller
sally mae miller

Looks like the Mitchell News ACCURATELY scooped the Times Mail by at least a day, maybe two days. So There! Good for Mitchell News! We need an actual real-time news source, and TM is WAY BEHIND the Mitchell News.

Tara Roach
Tara Roach

First Kyle is going through a great deal right now so maybe instead of slandering him maybe you should make sure you have all the facts. Your newspaper doesn't match what the Times Mail is saying and since this happened in Bedford they probably know more than the editor of this paper. Therefore watch what hurtful stuff you put in the news. You wouldn't want people saying this if it was your loved. So before printing stuff trying thinking what they and their families are going through.

michael banks
michael banks

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