Police Searching For Murder Suspect

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Around 2:30 a.m. on July 25th, a single gunshot rang out. Seconds later, Ulysses “Lish” Goethe lay dead on Bloomington’s Illinois Street in the Crestmont community.

Now, police have obtained a warrant charging murder for the man they believe shot him.

27-year-old Phillip M. Phillips, who stands 6’1″ tall and weighs approximately 250 pounds, is being sought by police. Because the probable cause affidavit is sealed, however, police aren’t giving out much more information.

Friends have reported that the two men had previously argued and fought over a woman and that Phillips had threatened to kill Goethe the next time he saw him.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Phillips is asked to immediately call 911.

sally mae miller
sally mae miller

I don't know how to get in touch with Mitchell News other than to post my comment to a particular story, so I chose this story for my completely unreleated concern. Here goes: The Bedford Police Department and LC Prosecutors have stonewalled releasing the name of the guy who stabbed and killed someone at Rusty's West End sometime in May. The Times Mail has talked with the suspect in person, so they know who it is, yet they will not print his name, either "pending conclusion of investigation" B.S., I say to that. Many people in town know who he is, commenters at TM have stated that for the price of a few beers, he will recount the stabbing anyone in a the bar who asks. Surely someone who comments at Mitchell News know who this is, or maybe Mitchell News can check into it and give his name. The TM won't, much to their discredit, and haven't given a good explaination for why notl. Today the TM had ANOTHER article about this situation but still did not reveal who it is or why they are withholding the name. This is not usual operating procedure in any other killing, the suspect's name is normally released, also. We have a KILLER WITH A KNIFE cruising the bars of our community and yet we are not told who he is. That is plain wrong, and maybe Mitchell News can step up with this community service and put Times Mail to SHAME as they should be in this case. If you would reprint the TM story, or even this comment of mine in a prominent place, perhaps some of our citizens that know who he is would be willing to comment here so us non-bar-cruisers would also know. Your news outlet is the only one I know of in Lawrence county that could/would help with the public service of getting this guy's name out despite all the Bedford powers that be wanting it kept secret. Thank you for your efforts at being a REAL NEWS SOURCE. We sure need one here in Lawrence County......

sally mae miller
sally mae miller

The guy turned himself in yesterday 8-3-12 for the second time at the Bloomington Police Department. First time was right after the shooting, he denied being the shooter despite hundreds of eyewitnesses, and the BPD let him go. Then they announced he was on the run and they were looking for him, so he turned himself in again . Only this time they did the right thing and charged him with the crime.

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