Tour Patoka Lake Dam & Dam Tower on Sunday

by Staff on August 15, 2012

in Entertainment

The public is invited to attend a tour of the Patoka Lake dam and dam tower this Sunday at 10 a.m. The tour is being offered by the Patoka Lake Visitor Center and Patoka Corps of Engineers.

Visitors will discover the detailed operations of reservoir management for flood control as the guide takes them inside the actual Dam Tower structure. They will learn how lake levels and spring flooding of 2011 was controlled and who built the Patoka Reservoir & Dam in the 1970s.

Anyone interested in attending the tour is asked to meet at the Patoka Lake Visitor Center to caravan to the Patoka Lake Dam. Alternatively, attendees may meet officials at the Dam off of Highway 545.

There is no charge to attend the event although visitors are subject to the standard entrance fee at the Newton Stewart State Recreation Area. That fee is $5 for Indiana residents and $7 for others.

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