Paving of Mitchell Road to Begin Monday

by Staff on August 19, 2012

in Local

Paving of Bedford’s Mitchell Road from 25th Street south — “as far as we can go”, says Bedford Street Commissioner Dan Kirk — will begin early Monday morning.

According to Kirk, the City of Bedford is in the middle of a three-year paving program.

“Last year, we paved Mitchell Road from 16th Street to 25th Street. This year, the second phase will be from 25th Street as far as we can go while spending about $100,000. We’d like to get south of 32nd Street. The last phase will finish the 2.5 mile stretch to the end of the city limits.”

Because the City saved money on salt, sand, and overtime hours during the mild winter, Kirk decided to complete the last two phases this month.

“We’re going to begin early on Monday, Aug. 20 and take it one lane at a time all the way down to Sandpit Road. We should be finished by Tuesday, Aug. 21.”

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