Man Living in Vacant Home, Stolen Model’s SUV in Garage

by Staff on October 9, 2012

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Chad Ley, formerly of Mitchell, was arrested Sunday night in Bloomington. It’s at least the third time he’s been arrested this year.

On January 5, he was arrested by Bedford Police for public intoxication. He was arrested again — just 15 days before this arrest — on September 22 by Lawrence County Police on a warrant for failure to appear in court.

Lawrence County Jail booking photos (courtesy of Indiana Mugshots):

This time, however, police arrested him at what he had apparently made his home — a $239,000 house in the Tamarron subdivision of Bloomington. The only problem is that it wasn’t Ley’s home.

The home was unoccupied and currently for sale. A real estate agent went to show the home Sunday and discovered that the locks had been changed and the lock box was missing from the front door.

The owner of the home, contacted by police used a garage door opener to gain access into the home. Inside the garage, he discovered a black Chevrolet Tahoe. He told police that it wasn’t his.

The Tahoe, it turns out, belongs to Elaine Irwin, the former wife of John Mellencamp, who was in Los Angeles. When police contacted her, she told them that she believed the vehicle was in the driveway of her home on Bloomington’s east side.

Police began searching the house.

“In the living room, there was a movie on the TV, a fire burning the fireplace, clothes strewn around and an ashtray full of cigarette butts. In the kitchen they found a prescription bottle with the name of Chad Ley on it.” — Bloomington Police Department Lieutenant Bill Parker

Police also found a wallet that had been stolen from a Lawrence County man, a Shell credit card that didn’t belong to Ley, and various items they think were stolen over the last few weeks from vehicles in Bloomington.

Ley was arrested on charges of burglary, auto theft, receiving stolen property, and criminal mischief. He remains in Monroe County Jail on a $40,000 bond.

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