Names of “Johns” in Maine Prostitution Scandal Released

by Staff on October 16, 2012

in USA

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In a high-profile prostitution case involving Alexis Wright, a former Zumba instructor, law enforcement has released the names of 21 “johns” accused of paying for sex.

Wright, 29, faces a total of 106 counts of prostitution in the case, in which she is accused of engaging in sexual acts — and making video recordings of many of them — in her dance studio and an office that she rented across the street.

Some of the men attempted to get the courts to block the release of the names, to no avail, stating that it could destroy their families.

The following individuals have been charged with engaging in prostitution:

  • Gary Bahlkow
  • Jens Bergen
  • Norman Crepeau
  • Joseph Cuetara
  • Kenneth Fairbanks
  • Donald Hill
  • Monie Hobbs
  • David Kline
  • Robert Labonte
  • Dale Madore
  • Paul Main
  • Harry McMann
  • Kevin Pagliccia
  • Claude Palmer
  • Philip Parker
  • Colin Powers
  • Clinton Ray
  • James Soule
  • John Verreault
  • James White
  • Peter Wormell

Many of the men are reported to be lawyers, law enforcement officers, and other well-known people. All are scheduled to appear in court on December 5.

The public announcement of prostitution charges and the ensuing publicity caused shock throughout Kennebunk, a small town of about 10,000 people. Kennebunk neighbors Kennebunkport, where former President George W. Bush’s family’s Walker’s Point summer compound is located.

Many other names of alleged “johns” are expected to be released as the case progresses.

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