Missing Teen Found; Father Issues Statement

by Staff on November 9, 2012 · 5 comments

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Bailey Harris, 15, Bedford, IndianaBailey Harris, the 15-year-old Bedford girl who went missing this past week, was reunited with her family Thursday afternoon before being taken to a juvenile facility in Brownstown.

Official reports indicate that Harris was walking near the intersection of Meridian Road and Grissom Avenue in Mitchell when she stopped a woman and asked for a ride. That woman then drove the teen to the Mitchell police station, where she arrived about 1:45 p.m.

The woman who brought the missing teen to the police department was Star(Lynn) Wright. Sources tell Mitchell News that the missing teen was staying with a friend — Wright’s granddaughter — at Wright’s home during the time that she was missing. It is unknown if the reward money will be given to Wright — who was certainly aware that the teen was a runaway.

Detective Sergeant Brian Cartwright of the Bedford Police Department then traveled to Mitchell and brought the girl to the Bedford Police Department. After being reunited with her family, she was charged with runaway and transported to the Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center.

Mark Harris, who believed that his daughter was “running with some dangerous people”, had been searching for her every night since Sunday.

He issued the following statement Thursday afternoon:

“My family and I would like to thank the Bedford Police Department, Mitchell Police Department, Detective Woodward, all of our friends and others who gave us support and sent us information about Bailey.

It’s amazing that so many people in the Bedford and Mitchell communities were willing to help a family they don’t know.

Bailey was brought to the Mitchell Police Department by a concerned citizen this afternoon. Thank God she is safe now.”


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