“How To” Coupon Classes To Be Held in Mitchell

October 11, 2011

Thanks to the awesome power of social networking sites like Facebook, we’ve discovered that no less than two “coupon how to” classes will be held […]

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Paying for your trash?

December 29, 2007

I’m curious what you folks would think about paying for disposal of your trash. This is just a hypothetical, so don’t freak out (just yet). […]

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Water Bills

August 6, 2007

Those of you who’ve been following this web site for a while may remember a discussion a number of months ago about the water bill […]

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Response From Mayor Chastain

March 19, 2007

Well, at least you taxpayers won’t be paying someone else to do what I offered to do for free. I wasn’t aware, though, that the […]

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An Offer To The City

March 18, 2007

For some reason, I somehow doubt that, even when presented with an opportunity that will save the City real dollars, the Mayor will pass it […]

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Email to Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer

March 15, 2007

Yesterday I wrote “Clerk-Treasurer Decides City Attorney Doesn’t Need To Pay Taxes”. Today, I’ve sent an e-mail to Mayor Chastain and Clerk-Treasurer Kern asking a […]

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Tevin and Bill Gone, MPD Accepting Applications

December 5, 2006

Earlier today I wrote a post entitled “What Happened To Tevin?” and I’ve heard something (but not much) already. One message I got said, “All […]

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